Press Release Integrity 3.3 Released

NexDefense Unveils the Next Version of Award-Winning Industrial Cybersecurity Software: Integrity™ 3.3

ATLANTA (March 8, 2018) -- NexDefense, a global leader for industrial IoT (IIoT) environments and cybersecurity, today announced the next evolution of its flagship Sophia platform, which is now branded as the Integrity™ product suite.

Integrity™ 3.3, the second release under the Integrity name, empowers industrial control system operators with real-time visibility and awareness needed to improve system and process integrity, as well as ensure cyber resiliency. The software, available now, helps meet today’s industrial IoT and industrial cybersecurity challenges by establishing a baseline of normal control system network activities, continuously monitoring assets and communications, and identifying system design issues, misconfigurations, system failures, abnormal or malicious activities that could negatively impact production or safety.

Integrity™ 3.3 extends the powerful capabilities enabled in 3.2, while delivering new features that uniquely positions NexDefense to solve tangible customer challenges today like no other vendor in the industry. Highlights include:

  • New 2D Topology Views - Logical and Physical Topology views have been added for displaying interaction models of the local network devices and endpoints.
  • New Industrial Protocol Support - Support for Bacnet/IP has been added to an already extensive list of supported industrial protocols.
  • New Reporting Engine - Integrity™ Reports generates concise executive level PDF reports of network traffic, devices, communications, and alerts.
  • New Remote Dashboard - The Integrity™ product suite now has the capability for secure remote role-based access.
  • New IDS Rule Editor - Customers, vendors or integrators can write new intrusion detection signatures, which Integrity™ will accept and apply for rapid detection and alerting, as well as for forensics at a later date. Integrity™ additionally accepts and applies signatures from threat intelligence feeds.
  • Added Network Utilization Monitoring - Bandwidth statistics per device per interaction is now tracked and available for trending and reports.
  • Enhancement to Asset Discovery & Inventory - Integrity™ operates as a continuous, vendor-agnostic, and passive product suite designed for industrial control systems. With Integrity™ 3.3, customers are receiving the most detailed asset information to date, with auto assigned device type, bandwidth statistics, and enhanced IPv6 device discovery.
  • Enhancement for NERC CIP v5 - Customers are leveraging Integrity to automate aspects of their ICS and assist operators with a variety of NERC CIP v5 requirements, including identification and categorization, electronic security perimeters, system security management and configuration change management. Additionally, the GUI allows assets to be grouped, monitored, and reported according to various NERC CIP designations.
  • Enhanced Visualization - Additional enhancements to Integrity™ Vision leveraging sophisticated three-dimensional graphics rendering and Virtual Reality concepts to bring the traditional flat diagrams offered by competitors to life, providing true situational awareness.
  • Enhanced Network Archive - Integrity™ has built a network packet historian capable of storing packets to later be used for forensics and troubleshooting. Data archiving files are fully compressed to extend the archive window into months and possibly years.
  • Enhanced Performance and Resiliency - Existing customers have deployed hundreds of physical sites, with thousands of sites targeted in the near term, each containing many devices. The core platform has been enhanced to support a low cost hardware appliance to easily extend the monitoring footprint.

“Very little visibility into ICS communications or assets exists, especially in a holistic way, and operators have scant knowledge of what is normal and what is abnormal. The excess complexity and lack of visibility exposes operators to camouflaged risks,” noted Mike Assante, co-founder and chief security strategist for NexDefense. “Consequently, Integrity combines asset inventory with start-of-the-art network visualization to provide deep visibility, operational awareness, and context to how these assets and networks operate on a daily basis. “

“Integrity™ 3.3 is a major step forward in the product roadmap as NexDefense continues to align our goals directly with those of our clients in order to solve the issues most prevalent in the industry.” said Loney Crist, CTO and Vice President of Engineering at NexDefense. “With the release of Integrity™ 3.3, the industry now has a solution to monitor an ICS network with fidelity never seen before.”

About NexDefense

NexDefense empowers industrial control system operators with the real-time knowledge needed to improve system and process integrity and to ensure cyber resilience. The 2016 Entrepreneurial Award Winner, NexDefense was recognized by Frost & Sullivan, 2017 Cybersecurity 500 List, and others as the market leading Industrial IoT and industrial cyber security solution, with deployments across mission critical networks in utilities, oil and gas, defense, manufacturing, water/wastewater, pharmaceuticals and more. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @NexDefense.