Press Release Jeff Spence Leads as NexDefense CEO


NexDefense (, a leading industrial cyber security software provider headquartered in Atlanta, today announces Jeff Spence as CEO. Spence brings to the helm extensive senior leadership experience in software, telecommunications, energy and finance, and a proven track record for leading rapid company growth and successful venture financing. Spence will lead all of NexDefense’s day-to-day activities as well as serve on the company's board of directors.

“Jeff brings a unique skill-set and perspective. It's rare to find someone with his grasp of technology, entrepreneurialism and finance, who also can cast a vision for others to follow,” notes Tom McNeight, NexDefense's non-executive chairman of the board, who headed the search for the CEO position. “Jeff immediately brought an elevated level of leadership and direction to the company, attracting world-class talent, new sales activity and heightened financing interest.”

Spence's experience across a variety of verticals and company sizes brings a broader and more aggressive positioning to the Industrial cyber software company. In qualifying the effect Spence has had on the company to date, Derek Harp, founder of NexDefense and board member, explains, “Jeff has a very positive and direct approach that encourages confidence and entrepreneurialism. From the day he arrived, he hit the ground running and had a laser focus on the most important elements for this startup. I am confident that with his leadership this company will reach new levels of success and help more customers than ever before.”

Importance of OT-IT Convergence to Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Spence, who has built technology businesses and investment teams globally, sees a unique market opportunity in NexDefense. “The convergence of IT and industrial/physical technologies is creating what might be the largest market need in my lifetime. This industry has unique and demanding requirements, and the companies that can demonstrate the most tangible value in this segment are going to do well. I’m certain NexDefense is one of those companies,” Spence explains.

Recognizing the challenges of targeting such a large and expanding market, Spence adds, “These aren’t email servers at risk. We’re dealing with human lives, brand protection and billions of dollars in industrial production. We will win because we’ll continue to build a world-class team and deliver solutions our customers trust.”

Prior to joining NexDefense, Spence was the Managing Director of DraftServ Pty Ltd of Singapore and was the investment director of a Zurich-based holding and investment group. Spence is a graduate of California State University, Chico, where he earned degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics.

About NexDefense

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