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Inside Analysis

Catch NexDefense VP of Strategy & Products, Matt Morris, On-Air with #InsideAnalysis Live Radio Show on Monday, July 31st, at 3PM Eastern. Matt will be discussing "Connected Cars? How About Connected Everything?" with host Eric Kavanagh and the other panelists. Episode URL: #InsideAnalysis #EricKavanagh #NexDefense #IIoT #Integrity

About NexDefense

NexDefense empowers industrial control system operators with the real-time knowledge needed to improve system and process integrity, and ensure cyber resilience. The 2016 Entrepreneurial Award Winner, NexDefense has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan and others as the market leading Industrial IoT and industrial cyber security solution, with deployments across mission critical networks in utilities, oil & gas, defense, manufacturing, water/wastewater, pharmaceuticals and more. For more information, visit and follow us @NexDefense.